Mini Tomato Onion Amboli

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Amboli is served as a breakfast in Konkan region of Maharashtra. I have given a twist to this dish by adding tomatoes and onions which gives it a tangy flavour. My kids love this dish. I prepare this dish in small size so that they can carry in their tiffin box as well. Therefore, I named this dish as ‘Mini Tomato Onion Amboli’. You can also add different vegetables to make it tasty. And serve it with green chilli chutney. Amboli is known as Uttapam in the South Indian region.

Preparation Time – 10 mins

Cook Time – 5 mins

Total Time – 15 mins (Excluding batter preparation time which requires 10-12 hours)


  • 2 Bowl Rice any type
  • 1 Bowl Urad dal
  • 3 finely chopped Onion
  • 3 finely chopped Tomato
  • 2-3 finely chopped green chillies
  • Small bowl finely Chopped Coriander leaves
  • Oil for shallow fry
  • Salt to taste

Serves:  5 persons

Directions / Procedure:

  1. Rinse rice and urad dal in water for 3-4 times, until water gets clear. Soak both rice and urad dal separately for about 5 – 6 hours in medium bowl.
  1. After 5-6 hours, rice and urad dal grind in a mixture separately. Add water as required and make thick smooth batter.
  1. In a big deep pot, now mix both rice & urad dal batter very well and cover it with lid. Keep the batter in a warm place for fermentation, it requires minimum 7-8 hours.
  1. Heat the oil in Kadai or pan on low flame gas & add onion, sauté for 2-3 minutes till the onion becomes reddish.
  1. Add finely chopped tomato, saute till the onion and tomato becomes soft and add salt to taste. Keep aside.
  1. After 7-8 hours batter become fermented, stir the batter well. Add enough water and salt to taste. Again stir the batter.
  1. While stirring the batter, make sure that batter should be thick and have pouring consistency is must.
  1. Heat the dosa pan or tawa on low flame. Grease the pan with few drops of oil by using potato.
  1. Take the batter in a serving spoon or ladle, pour one full ladle of batter in the pan.  If required spread it in small round shape.
  1. Now add/ sprinkle onion – tomato mixture and chopped coriander over it.  Keep the flame medium and cook the base lightly reddish then flip amboli carefully.
  1. Cook the amboli till onion– tomato gets reddish brown from bottom.
  1. Once it cooked from both sides then remove it in a plate, like this you can make rest of the ambolis.

Ready to serve for your breakfast or evening snacks.

Tips / suggestions:

  • If you plan prepare amboli for next day morning, then you have to make the batter in previous night.
  • If batter is unused, then keep it in the fridge. Within 2-3 days you can use it.
  • Add chopped green chillies to make it more spicy
  • Add other veggies to give a different flavour.

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  1. It almost sounds like an Uthapam. May I know how it is diferent?

    • Varsha Baikar

      Yes, it is a different version of Uttapam. I have used sauteed tomatoes and onions instead of raw.

  2. Presently busy to try Maharashtrian green leafy besan pithale shared by you,then will love to try this.

    • Varsha Baikar

      Thanks Jyotirmoy 🙂 Green leafy besan pithale is easy one. You can try it anytime.

  3. Wow, day before we had our version of amboli.

    • Varsha Baikar

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments 🙂 Rupali

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