Poha Chivda

Poha Chivda is the most popular dish of Maharashtra prepared during Diwali festival. This dish also prepared in Gujarat and North Karnataka. It’s a savoury dry snack prepared using flattened rice, peanuts, coconuts, dry fruits and spices. This is an easy and quick recipe to prepare.

Preparation Time –  15 mins

Cook Time – 45 mins

Total Time – 1 hour


  • 1 Kg Poha – Beaten rice/ Flattened rice
  • 2 -3 bowl finely chopped / thin slices – dry coconut
  • 2 bowl roasted Chana Dal (roasted Bengal Gram)
  • 1 bowl Cashews
  • 2-3 bowl Roasted Peanuts
  • ½ small bowl Mustard Seeds
  • 1 bowl finely chopped Green Chillies
  • 1 bowl Curry leaves
  • ½ bowl Turmeric powder
  • 2 -3 bowl oil for frying purpose
  • ½ bowl oil for tadka
  • Salt to taste

Directions / Procedure:

A) Process of roasting the Poha and other ingredients in oil 

  1. First clean all ingredients like poha, roasted chana dal, peanuts, and keep them in separate plates.
  2. Heat the oil in Kadai or pan on low flame gas
  3. Take the cashews in slotted spoon and dip the slotted spoon in hot oil, stir the cashews in slotted spoon by using another spoon and roast for about half minutes till cashews becomes light golden colour.
  4. Now remove the slotted spoon from oil and keep the roasted cashews on kitchen tissues.
  5. Take the dry coconut slices in slotted spoon and roast them in a similar way like cashews and keep them on a kitchen tissue.
  6. Similar way roasts small quantity of poha. While roasting gently shake the poha in slotted spoon so that the poha gets roasted evenly.
  7. After 2 to 3 minutes poha will changes its texture and it becomes crispier. Now remove poha from oil and spread them in kitchen tissue. So that excess oil will be absorbed by the kitchen tissue.
  8. Like this roast remaining poha and spread them in a kitchen tissue.

B) Process of Tadka and mixing all other ingredients  

  1. Heat the oil in Kadai or pan on low flame gas & add mustard seed, fry the mustard till they crackle, then add curry leaves and green chillies.
  1. On a low flame, stir well the mixture and sauté till the curry leaves and green chillies becomes crisper.
  1. Always keep the flame low and then add roasted Chana dal, Peanuts, turmeric powder and stir all the ingredients very well.
  1. Now add roasted dry coconut slices, cashews and salt to taste.
    Again, stir all the above ingredients very well.
  1. Finally add roasted poha and cashews, stir smoothly and carefully else poha might breaks.
  1. Mix the Chivda mixture very well, so that everything will get mixed very well.
  1. Now turn off the flame and keep the Poha chivda in hot kadai for about
    5 minutes.
  1. Let it cool down at room temperature and store it in air tight container.
  1. Always serve this crispier Poha Chivda as a tea time snack.

Tips / suggestions:

  • Adding raisins is optional
  • Adding sugar is optional
  • Adding asafoetida is optional

Photos for reference:

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  1. The first pic just invites us to devour the whole plate. Really fabulous preparation.

  2. yummy
    thanks for sharing with us…

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